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Waterrow Hall Extension

 Progress in Pictures, and Financial Statement

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15th September - 1st SEPTEMBER 2009



The Trustees show their appreciation of the funding given by 'Awards for All'

Two ladies who have given help & advice throughout the project, on the left Deborah on the right Eileen

Eileen Zoers - Community Council for Somerset - Village Halls advisor. Deborah Arscott Community Leisure Officer TDBC

Disabled Ramp/Hall entrance + Jessie memorial seat kindly given by the Waterrow Community Group

1) View of support Wall

2) Another view of Ramp

Another view of support Wall

394 Years and Counting
Another pleasant milestone toward our completion of the extended Church Hall was reached this month when a small group of interested people watched over the return of 'our bell' to its rightful place after skilful refurbishment by Anthony Cowling of Waterrow.  How can we be so sure of the bell's longevity?  The answer lies around its rim which bears the legend 'Recast in 1868 from a portion of the Chipstable Tenor bell originally founded in 1615'.  Our bell must have had many unrecorded adventures and hiding places before being placed on Waterrow's Church Hall in 1907 since when it has spent 100 years calling people to worship (not forgetting a spell in the 1940's ready to warn us of invasion!)  The bell has watched over 17 reigns from James I to our own Elizabeth II (including of course the Commonwealth of Oliver Cromwell from 1649-1660).
Now its fourth centenary is almost upon us - long may it ring over us!
Robin Fenton
Financial Statement

Funds Raised for the Building and Furnishing of the New Extension at  Waterrow Hall

*Joint County & District Grant Scheme for Village Halls  £      37,212.00
*Viridor Waste Management - landfill tax (No.1)  £        5,000.00
*Garfield Weston Charitable Trust  £        5,000.00
*Norman Family Trust  £           250.00
*Clothworkers Foundation  £      10,000.00
*Viridor Waste Management - landfill tax -  (No.2)  £        3,000.00
*Awards for All      (part of the Big Lottery)  £        8,374.00
*Somerset Community Fund  £        3,500.00
*Bernard Sunley Trust  £        2,000.00
*Gift Aid   £        2,836.66
Sub-Total  £      77,172.66
Waterrow Community Group donations  £        3,017.00
Chipstables Parish Council (includes donation - SCC Mrs Smeaton)  £        1,500.00
Auction of Promises -- Sept 08  £        3,355.72
Anonymous Donation - Local Resident  £      10,000.00
Centenary Weekend -- Mar 08  £           344.39
Valentine Evening -- Feb 08  £           401.00
Bulland Shoot  £           150.00
Fish & Chip Supper -- Jan 08  £           403.02
Harvest Supper -- Oct 08  £           208.80
Collection Box - Whelan's Café  £             16.50
Grand Totals as at 6.3.2009  £      96,569.09


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