The Church & Community Hall at Waterrow

The building of a Church Hall for Waterrow was undertaken in 1906 at a cost of 350 (which included furniture) and completed in 1908.

A most admirable site, just off the main road, convenient and central, was generously given by Thomas Davys, Esq., of Trowell, and conveyed to the Trustees viz. :--Messrs. A Capel, W H Pool. J Surridge, T J Stone, and the Rector. The land conveyed was about 12 perches, and the conveyance was made on 11th October 1907

The Church & Community Hall at Waterrow -- "is serving a most useful and valuable purpose, is utilised for all manner of good objects, and is a boom to the whole Parish as a Hall." from 'Chipstable a Brief Sketch of the Parish and Church'  1919

The Hall is just as valuable today  to the  people of Waterrow, Chipstable and Raddington,  as has been the case over the100 years since its conception.