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The Community Appraisal was held on the 29th September and was a big success. Many members of the Community-- those who have lived here all their lives and newer arrivals in area, all  contributed their Views. We will be reporting all the results soon!

Village Views  --  a community appraisal


The Waterrow Community Group (WCG) was established 18 months ago to organise events, functions and fund raising for the benefit of the villages of Waterrow, Chipstable, Raddington and the surrounding area. Membership is  open to anyone residing in the parishes of Chipstable & Raddington or    otherwise within a 2 mile radius of the Church Hall in Waterrow

The Community Council for Somerset is a registered charity with the remit  to work with groups to help develop and support local action to address the    various needs of rural communities managing an initiative called Community Appraisals in Somerset, this project is funded by The Countryside Agency, Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane Borough Council with the remit to work with groups to help develop and support local action to address   the needs of the communities.


The WCG felt it was clear from the outset they needed to find out what people living and working in the community thought - what they liked about living or working here..... and what they didn't like, what they think should be changed or improved and what they think should be left as it is, cherished or protected. The WCG thought the Community Appraisal project seemed to be the ideal vehicle to achieve these aims and decided the best way to do this would be to hold a launch event -- Village Views -- to attract as many people as possible to come along and participate by giving their views and having their say.

Housing - Transport - Jobs - Farming - Planning - Development - Roads - Access to Services - Facilities

These are just a few of the topics that affect all of us in some way or other, there will be others, it will be up to those who come alomg on the day to decide what is important to them. Some ideas may reflect the views or    needs of just a few, some will affect most of the community - all your views are important.               

The launch day will be an all day event where all will have the opportunity to come along and have their say. Food and refreshments provided.            We will have a supply of single use cameras for you to record in pictures what you think is important, distinctive or perhaps an eyesore!    There will be a Gas Balloon race with a prise of a flight in a real Balloon.    A display from Halsgrove publishing with examples of how a community can write their own history.   A map of the area - put a pin where you live, "where is that ?" photo quiz.   Video Diary,    Village website sample page.   Current work from Hurstone Studio's... and more!


The launch date for Village Views was to be Saturday 31st March but with the outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease the group took the decision to postpone the launch until there was a clear indication of an end to the current crisis

Appraisal day finally took place successfully on

    Saturday 29th September 2001

A questionnaire has been delivered to, and collected from, each household in the parish. Results are in the process of being analysed.